Friday, December 16, 2005


A Very Busy Holiday Season for Man-Kitties Everywhere

The day begins when the little man jumps onto the headboard of the bed and peers from above at his Mama, meowing until she awakens.

As disconcerting as it may be for his Mama to wake up to the upside-down kitty-cat (and to take a picture first thing in the morning), it is a cheerful way to awaken, or so the Man-Kitty believes. Finally having roused his Mama, the Man-Kitty persuades her to feed him, although he will not allow photographs to be taken during this time. As every celebrity knows, there is nothing worse than being hounded by the papparazzi when one is trying to have a nice meal, particularly when the meal includes delicious chicken and liver variety wet food. Yummy! After breakfast, it is time to play.

First on the playtime agenda is my favorite toy, a circle-thingie from a plastic milk bottle.

After that, I like to climb and leap and frolic on the palatial edifice that my Mama bought for me in August.

Then it's time for some light reading (also known as sprawling on the book shelf like I'm king of the castle).

Sadly, I then had to pose for a Christmas photo. I didn't like it one bit, and so it's not my best picture. Happy Holidays!

Man-kitty is one handsome fellow! Thanks for the pics!
Too cute!!!!
Great pics!
My kitty has that exact same look when I try to pose her for a photo!!
Your man-kitty is an ambitious fellow. My cat's modus operandi is to wake me up, demand to be fed, and then go curl up on my pillow to take a vital post-breakfast nap. Hateful beast.

Btw, 10 lbs isn't too small for a cat; it's a good healthy size. My cat is about 8 lbs--less in the summer, even. And she can *still* kick the other cats' asses :)
Cute! Cute! Cute!

On the wake-up routine: I use to have a cat who curled himself around my head and kneaded my scalp to wake me up. Depending on how recently I'd clipped his claws, it was either pleasurable or painful. And then I had another cat who would bat every damn tchotchke I owned off the nightstand, desk, bureau, etc., to wake me, and if that didn't work -- or once I got rid of the dust collectors -- she'd knock the phone off the hook.

Man-Kitty is such a gentleman in comparison! And so cute and fluffy! yay!
Oh yes, 10 lbs is entirely good-sized for a kitty, but I had fantasies that he would be some sort of gigantic super-cat when he was but a wee baby kitty. I think I was confused by the humungous size of his paws and the little size of his head. I thought his head would grow into the paw size. I didn't think he'd always have such a small little head. (By the way, we aren't allowed to talk about the size of his head in his presence. It makes him feel insecure.)
He looks very young, near kitten like it that first photo.

Good stuff all around, I'd say.
Now that you mention it, he does look quite young in the first picture. Maybe the secret to defying the aging process is to make sure that people only look at one's face upside down? Hmmm....
I love your literary cat. How appropriate! Cats I've known have liked to sprawl on top of whatever I'm reading ...Does man-kitty do that?
Actually, the Man-Kitty has been trained not to sprawl on top of things that are being read, just as he is trained not to play with pens that are in use. He does, however, enjoy knocking books off of the bookshelf then to play with them, holding the spine between his front paws and kicking wildly with his back.

"Actually, the Man-Kitty has been trained not to sprawl on top of things that are being read . . . ."

OK, you're lying..please tell me you're lying... If not, we have proof that Dr. Crazy is in fact a space alien with offworld telekittynetic mind-control powers.

Love the double passive voice, by the lofty.
Awwww. So cute. He reminds me of my old cat, who was a big orange ball of loving fluff.
Why are big man-kittens never big man-kitties when they're all grown up? Sam was huge when he was little, months ahead of average, and now, well, he's only huge horizontally. Which makes me sad because I like big kitties.

I love that first picture.
Oh, the gorgeousness! Such a gorgeous kitty!

(Dr. V., I have TWO cats who live to knock shit off any available surface in order to get my attention. They particularly like to knock pill bottles onto the nice hard bathroom floor. Gets me up every time!)
I love tales of the man kitty! Thanks for that!
(spapso - ah that's a funny veri)
Thanks, Crazy, for posting the fucking cool cat gym. My cats saw what they don't have. They stole the credit card, they got on-line while I was sleeping, they ordered one. Oh wait, being cats they have paws, which meant that they didn't quite manage to press the right keys.

Which meant that they ordered 321 of the gyms.

Which means I am saying Fuck you, Crazy.
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