Thursday, September 29, 2005


7 Surprising Things about the Man-Kitty

Well, obviously this is via Jo(e), but I decided that I couldn't think of 7 surprising things about myself without effort, whereas the little Man-Kitty surprises me every day.

  1. His favorite toy, despite the extravagant gifts lavished upon him by his mama, is the little plastic circle thingie that comes off of a plastic bottle of milk when you open it. In a pinch a good back-up toy is a pony-tail holder or a pen. I've got a ghetto-kitty.
  2. He is a music-lover. He expresses this love by singing along. For example, when I watched the dvd of Ray, every musical interlude inspired a sing-along of very loud caterwauling from the Man-Kitty. You'll be interested to note that his favorite types of music are country and the blues, he can deal with classic rock in a pinch, but he's not so into rap or alternative music. I'm not sure what any of this means.
  3. His favorite game is playing in the toilet. No, it's not that he needs water. In fact, before he discovered the toilet, he would play in his water-dish and then become angry that there was water everywhere, and now that I've realized he's playing in the toilet and I'm sure to keep the lid closed he's gone back to that. And when I take a bath? You got it - if the cat is allowed into the bathroom he splashes me and everything else, too. Perhaps in a past life he was a cougar or something and caught a great many fish?
  4. His favorite place to be petted is his tummy. And he takes exception to the claim that only dogs are supposed to be into that.
  5. When he's feeling pissed off his favorite way to express it is to create a mountain of litter just outside of the litter box. It's like a little hill of discontent.
  6. He sleeps on his back, preferably with his head resting on a pillow. With an entire side of the bed to himself. You can imagine my surprise when I woke up for the first time to find him that way. Or when I found him that way one day when I came home from work. Weird little kitty.
  7. He cares about the news, and he likes to keep up with current events. He especially enjoys watching CNN, and he really loves how he can get up-to-the-minute-reportage from the scroll at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, he is so moved by what he reads there that he lunges at the TV screen.

Hmm.... I think I'll need some pictures of the Man-Kitty to accompany this post.... maybe I'll take some tomorrow and post them Saturday?

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