Friday, July 29, 2005


Lying Down on the Job

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I was forced to use an old picture because a certain someone (somecat?) has been refusing to model for me of late. It seems that he resents how much of a social butterfly I've been being this summer, and, even though his only job around the house is to look cute in pictures, he seems to think that even that is now too much. You will notice in the above photo that the little man has taken my keys into his chair with him in an attempt to control my comings and goings. I swear, living with the Man-Kitty is turning out to be more of a pain sometimes than it was when I lived with my mom when I was finishing my dissertation.

** Don't get me wrong, though, I love the Man-Kitty to bits. Just kind of irritated with him today. Maybe this, too, is the PMS? Because how could anybody get annoyed/irritated with such a little ball of fluffy love? I'm not sure I'm fit to be around people.

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