Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Report from MLA

Well, if anybody were at the computer bank in the exhibit hall who reads this blog, I would be utterly outed, but I wanted to do a report from the field in spite of the risks to my pseudonymity. This afternoon, my paper, and tonight the crazy whirlwind of socializing begins. I found out that my (jerk of an) adviser is having a party in his room tonight to which he didn't bother to invite me, which I will attend; I'm going to a society drinks thing; I'm supposed to have dinner with colleagues from my department but I may not be able to go because I may have another hotel room type party to go to instead. I feel bad, but I see the people in my dept. every day. I need to get my MLA groove on with people whom I DONT see every day, methinks.

In other news.... Well, there is no other news. Important Scholar who Hits on Me is here - saw him from across a crowded ballroom last night - but I've not yet spoken to him. Wasn't in the mood to be hit on by him on the first day.

Finally, I LOVE MLA when not interviewing. It's really enjoyable. It is ridiculous that this discipline links its major gathering for the year with the desperation of an abysmal job market.

I'll try to report again if I have the time.... if not, I've also been writing in the journal so will do a full post re: MLA when I return from my travels.

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