Sunday, December 26, 2004


Let the Craziness Begin

Merry Christmas, oh friends in the blogosphere! This will be quick as I'm visiting with the parents and attempting to ready myself for the trip to Philadelphia tomorrow. I'm looking forward to an MLA without interview anxiety, and I'm looking forward to wearing all of the new clothes that I bought for myself today (new brown suit, 2 great pairs of new shoes, sweaters, a skirt, etc. etc.). I'm also looking forward to smoking, as I've not had a cigarette since Friday afternoon (because I'm a 30-yr-old woman who lies to her mother about smoking, and yes, I know I should just quit, but well, I'm just not going to right now).

So yes, this is the holiday update. Also got a sweet new digital camera for Christmas and so will be posting many, many photos upon my return to my home computer after the new year.

Here's hoping this MLA is one filled with debauchery and professional successes....

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