Tuesday, December 14, 2004


In Non-End-of-Semester News....

I just got word that the panel that Ahab, Stella, and I proposed for Big Fancy Conference in April has been accepted! Yippee! I'm not just a drudge of a teacher, slaving away for no acclaim, no intellectual stimulation, and no social life! I shall be presenting a paper at a conference in April - I will get to cancel classes for two days because of this conference - and people will think that I'm very smart and interesting! Of course, this now means that I will have to write the paper for this conference, but only because it is not yet written can I write so optimistically now about its reception. Here, briefly, is what the paper is supposed to be about:

Dr. Crazy proposes to investigate how modern and contemporary texts narrate “real” female orgasms and document their effects; through this investigation she will then interrogate how such documentation serves to control and to police both female sexual pleasure specifically and female bodies generally.

See, I told you guys that the stuff I'm thinking about in the blog is related to my "work."

By the way, my mother has stopped telling people very much about my work because she doesn't like their reactions. It seems she is embarassed because my work makes me look like a big whore, which of course, because she is my mother and we have a don't-ask-don't-tell policy on the specifics of my dealings with the opposite sex, she thinks is horrible and horribly unfair to me. My mother can never find this blog.

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