Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well, this will probably be my last regular post until after the New Year - I'm not sure how much time I'll have to blog over the holidays (though I will try to check in). Question for the day: Why do I live in a place where a mere 5-9 inches of snow can turn everything upside down as if it were the snowstorm in that (horrible) movie The Day After Tomorrow? It took me 30 minutes to drive to school today (normally takes me like 7 minutes) and I ran into one of my colleagues on my way in who said, "Oh, you really should be going in the other direction! It's a big storm!"

Admittedly, it's not like there's stellar snow removal here, but jeez. It's not like I live in the tropics or something and they've never seen snow before. It snows every winter. Come on!

The Man-Kitty is doing awesome - it's as if he never had his man-parts in the first place. Gets his stitches out on Friday and then we make the drive to Crazy's Stupid Hometown. Still not done with Christmas shopping, but I don't think I should risk it tonight what with the idiotic weather situation. I hope things improve tomorrow, or I'm going to be fucked come Christmas Eve. I SO should have done shopping yesterday before this stupid storm. Ah well, I don't think I really care. At this point, I really can't because it won't make a difference. Must get better at this sort of shit.

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