Friday, December 10, 2004


Fishing for Compliments

So I've got this assignment that I give to my freshmen. Part of this assignment (the only part that really matters to me, incidentally, though the other part of it is good for them and they get something out of it) asks them to write a self-analysis about how they've progressed throughout the semester and about the course in general. I designed this part of the assignment for the express purpose of having some sort of student comments to include the first time I submitted my P&T book last year (the timing was such that I couldn't include student evaluations) and I still assign it because, well, at the end of the semester I really need them to suck up to me and act like I'm a good teacher, even if I know really they're just sucking up. And I do put the really glowing ones in the P&T book.

I think the below is my favorite thing any of them wrote this year:

"I would have to say that out of all the boring English classes that I've had to sit through this was one of my favorites."

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