Tuesday, November 16, 2004



Sort of Like WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) though not, as while a good person I'm not exactly... Jesus-like. So yes, this will be my replacement for the "Insight for the Weekend" series. Each week I will answer a question (you can, of course, make requests if you would like, or I can just come up with them on my own) - sort of like a little advice and/or informational column. Got the idea from a comment over at Dr. Medusa's in which Profgrrl wonders, "What would Coco blog if she were drunk?" Well, I can't speak for Coco (as she is not my pseudonymous creation) but I can speak for Dr. Crazy.....

Re: Blogging while drunk - What Would Crazy Do?

I would never blog while drunk. After a series of wildly embarassing drunken email episodes from 1997-1999, I have stopped using internet communication of all kinds while drunk. Even the drunk dialing is better, as the person has no retroactive evidence upon which to reflect in the sober light of day relating to my drunken tomfoolery. And yet, I generally try to avoid the drunk dialing as well. No, my method of communication of choice when under the influence tends to be journal-writing. It's just more satisfying. Why is journal-writing more satisfying than blogging while drunk, you ask?
  1. One does not have to worry about audience.
  2. One does not have to make sense.
  3. One gets the satisfying experience the next day of attempting to translate drunken handwriting/logic in the sober light of day, which produces hours of fun and laughter.
  4. One can potentially read drunken journal entries to friends for their laughter and amusement.
  5. Sometimes one forgets that one has written in the journal while drunk, and so when one goes to it a few days later about something else one gets a fun (though illegible) surprise.

Thus, I am fairly certain that this blog will never see a truly hammered entry from me. I know, you're disappointed. Though I guess I could give some quotes from my journal for your amusement should you wish.... Not as funny type-written, though.

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