Thursday, November 11, 2004


Trying to Avoid Over-Preparation

Which means, as I'm sure you know, that I'm just not preparing and I'm trying to justify it by saying that I don't want to over-prepare. Feel like crap. Had a Nyquil-related thought that the reason Freud hasn't called me is that he, too, is sick. I quickly put that from my mind, though, as who cares, really? I'll talk to him sooner or later - he never goes away for good.

In other news, chatted for a bit with Dr. E today - wonder if he's still going out with the New Girl on the T-T.... Not that I could ask him because technically I don't know they are together. He was freaking out about enrollment in his stupid upper-division class that he's trying to teach in the spring. It's not that the class itself is stupid... it's just... he doesn't seem to realize that our student body isn't particularly Earnest and isn't particularly jonesing for highly theoretical stuff about protesting. I'll do what I can to talk his class up, but I wish he would think a little bit more about audience when designing these classes of his. So far he's not been able to teach any of his newly developed U-D courses because nobody signs up. That should be a sign to him that maybe he needs to pander a little bit, no?

Speaking of pandering, I've already got 6 in my stupid class for the spring to his zero, which makes me really happy both out of spite and because I'm really excited to teach this class and I'm really hopeful that it will go. Worrying about enrollment sucks.

Not much else to report. Didn't do 90% of what I had planned to do today - instead spent the day intermittently snoozing and watching television and crossing things off of my to-do list that I could put off until tomorrow/the weekend. Must get better, though, before Tuesday, as I have another conference week with my Freshmen starting on Tuesday and I can't face that feeling how I feel.

Finally, Profgrrrl asked in comments why I always get good whoreoscopes (by the way, I should probably say that I spell it that way as a shout-out to Erica Jong's Fear of Flying) and I do have a theory that it relates to being a Leo. I think that astrologers think of Leos as the Big Whores of the zodiac. For example, check out today's:
Expect seduction, power plays and maybe even a touch of jealousy. That goes
for public situations as well as private. Fortunately, you've never been one to
shy away from the spotlight. Try to be gentle to those who do.

Clearly my internet astrologer has no idea what's going on with me right now.

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