Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Today's Advice from the Stars

Here is your (w)hor(e)oscope for Wednesday, November 17:

A certain someone you're just fascinated with is acting a little too detached for your tastes. It might be tempting to throw a tantrum to get a reaction, but aren't you above all that? You're the lion. Stalk off proudly.

Such good advice. Was tempted to email Freud earlier but resisted by emailing my (I've now decided hot) pseudo-ex the Rocket Scientist. I mean, he's a dumbass, too, in many ways, but a) he lives in another state b) he's wildly attentive to me (sometimes) c) he's a great imaginary boyfriend because he's kind of flirty but not really a regular person in my life and d)he's a fucking rocket scientist and not a stupid graduate student.

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