Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Gobble Gobble

Taking a holiday from the blog for the holiday weekend. I love thanksgiving. It is my absolute favorite holiday, even if it is colonialist, etc. Love cooking the meal (because I vowed not to travel over thanksgiving about five years ago) and love how relaxing it is (no gift-giving obligations, no obligations to visit 47,000 relatives like at Christmas). So. The parental types arrive tomorrow night and I have a day of cooking/cleaning ahead of me tomorrow. I can put off all academic work for at least two days and all is right with the world. Yippee!

[In a side note, I'm in a totally awesome mood after teaching my class today. Got to give my great, "What is [main character] doing after [doctor character] saves her?" spiel (related to a D. H. Lawrence story) tonight. As far as I can tell she's giving the doctor a blow-job. The students were suitably horrified and I was wildly pleased with their horror.]

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