Monday, October 04, 2004


Strange Times, Indeed

Ok, folks, so I had a relaxing weekend (i.e., I did not do the mountain of grading that mocks me from my dining-room table) and I came up with ideas for a couple of great posts - one related to the fact that I seem to be going through some kind of "period of self-discovery" and one related to the stuff with my blogging identity that I started thinking about last week and relating it to my identity in relationships with guys. However, today promises to be a busy day, so these shall have to wait until later in the week. Nevertheless, I had to post because after two full weeks with no contact who called me up on Saturday but Freud. I'm not kidding. I had really thought I'd never hear from that yahoo again. Anyway, we ended up going out for a drink last night, and it was really fun. I think he may have wanted me to invite him in when he dropped me off at home, but with the teaching at 9 AM I wasn't enthusiastic. The conversation was,

Freud: Do you want me to come up?
Crazy: You can if you want, but I have to teach at 9 AM.
Freud: Oh, well I'm actually pretty tired. I guess I'll just go home.

At any rate, somehow the return of Freud has made me excited to blog, which has to do with the identity stuff that I'll explore later in the week, I suspect. Also... hmmm... I don't know. There was no smooching or anything but I feel sort of... discombobulated (sp?) as if there were. And there was this odd conversation in which I was trying to get him to commit to watching one playoff baseball game with me (he hates the baseball, the closed-minded freak - I'm not saying he's got to love it, but the violent hatred of it seems a tad much) and he said he would if I committed to three Sundays of watching football with him. This could have just been chit-chat, but it seems like an odd thing to talk in this manner if we are going to continue in our non-plan-making and especially after not having spoken - let alone seen one another - in two full weeks. I wonder what is happening there. Strange, strange times.

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