Monday, October 11, 2004


Productive Procrastination

Well, I should be grading (and no, I will not be done with the mountains of grading until approximately mid-december and yes, it is my own fault for assigning all of this shit and actually caring that I teach my students instead of accepting the fact that I'm killing myself at this pace and should just stop worrying about whether they learn...) but instead I have been engaging in some productive procrastination, wherein I figured out my books/syllabus (basically) for my upper-division class in the spring. It's not finalized yet, but it's on its way. I just have to decide whether I would rather have a book or two more (thus allowing students to read more authors) or whether I'm committed to spending three full weeks on a long and complicated book. Must consider further.

In other news, I've got no other news. Well, except for that somebody did a google search for "Virginity is not important" and got to my blog from it. How awesome is that?

Talked to stupid Freud for approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds yesterday. He was supposed to call me back. He did not. Whatever.

Am thinking about the man-criteria listed over at Playing School... thinking about doing my own list, although I've done these sorts of lists periodically throughout my dating life (about 15 years now - shit) and I think that my criteria have been whittled down to very few, and even these are probably negotiable. I'm not sure if my standards have gotten lower or if I just can't get it up to think up longer, more specific lists, or lists that I won't compromise on. Anyway, I think all that's left on mine is that Mr. Right (ha!) must:

1. be funny, honest, reliable, and loyal.
2. believe in commitment (not only to me, but in terms of job, friends, etc).
3. be ambitious. (living with a guy who is content to be unemployed for approximately two years, as was Jerk, will make ambition appear on one's list.)

Oh, I guess I've got two more:

4. like to fuck (generally) and like to fuck me (specifically).
5. be considered fuckable (and fun to fuck) by me (which of course includes a slew of other shallow things, like can't be hideous to look at, etc.)

As far as the other specifics, like politics, taste in music, whether they've got kids, etc.? Well, I guess I'm not sure how much those matter. I've dated guys with whom I've had that shit in common and it didn't exactly end in some fantastic way, so maybe those things aren't actually important? (And maybe that's the explanation for Carville/Matalin? Oh, and I heard her talking about it in an interview once and she said that the reason they can do it is because they both respect the passion that the other has about their politics, and that the passion is more important than the specific belief. I can see this.)

Ok, now that this procrastinating is done, I believe I shall have lunch and then grade until my fingers bleed (or until my head explodes, whichever comes first)....

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