Friday, October 22, 2004


I've Got Nothin'

Having just submitted midterm grades (yippee!) and commented on a friend from grad school's job search stuff (because mentorship at my old department is... inconsistent at best, especially if one doesn't demand to be mentored, which this person is not the type to do) I don't quite know what to write. Here's a list, in no particular order, of things that have been going on with me:

  1. My kitty has taken to trying to sleep under the bed at night, which makes me sad because I want him to sleep with me and so I wake up to find him and have interrupted sleep. He still naps with me, but apparently he is just not interested in nocturnal co-sleeping. Also, I think he might stay awake under there and play, which I guess would be fine if that didn't wake me up. If he wants to play WHY will he not go into any one of the other rooms? Why does he want to be near me and yet not to sleep with me? (And no, the answer is not that he's "just not that into" me.)
  2. Last night Primetime Live had this show devoted to surveying the sex habits of American people. Things I learned are that A. I'm a big whore and B. all of you, my readers, are big whores. Oh, and that polls are idiotic and tell a person exactly nothing of any value, though we are, as Americans in this election year, obsessed with them.
  3. Dr. E is a complete retard, who wants Dr. G and I to meet with him tomorrow - that's right, on Saturday - about this committee that we agreed to be on with him in May that he, the chair, never has bothered to schedule a meeting for and has done absolutely no work for. I told him he should call me to tell me when we will meet and that I could probably meet. My dream is that he'll call and I'll be unavailable to meet because I'm having sex, though the likelihood of this happening is about zero. Or, another fun option would be that I would show up for said meeting wearing clothing from the night before, with makeup smeared, and reeking of sex and alcohol. Yeah, I think probably what will happen is that I will go and I will, in retaliation for having to do this on a Saturday, belittle him and make him feel stupid. And yes, I recognize that this is juvenile and passive-aggressive and I do not care.
  4. Is it wrong that all I want to do tonight is sleep in preparation for Red Sox Baseball tomorrow but that, at the same time, I'm itching to go out?

Ok, must go and get my insight for the weekend, as I've been very lax about providing my readership with insights in the past few weeks....

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