Tuesday, October 26, 2004


A Frenzy of Activity! And Not All Procrastination!

So, here is what I have accomplished since yesterday:

  1. Roasted whole chicken.
  2. Made stock from chicken carcass.
  3. Made home-made stuffing, in dry-run to make sure I remembered how to do it for Thanksgiving next month (and because home-made stuffing is awesome).
  4. Made chicken salad from some of chicken.
  5. Made plans for the making of potato leek soup, chicken paprikash, risotto, and - an un-chicken-related dish - spaghetti carbonara.

  1. Recorded grades from midterms.
  2. Graded quizzes.

  1. Reading for tonight's and Thursday's classes.
  2. Lecture/Discussion notes.
  3. Reading quiz for tonight's class.
  4. Extra credit assignment for tonight's class.
  5. Made copies.

  1. Played with Man-Kitty.
  2. Got very angry at Man-Kitty for knocking over cacti (not the first time). Apologized for being angry after scaring him by vaccuuming up mess from carpet.
  3. Ran Dishwasher.
  4. Showered.
  5. Considered State of the Union.
  6. Considered whether I, as do others in the blogosphere, have "boundary issues." Stella says I do and that's why I've always preferred not to allow suitors into my home but instead to go into their homes.... Perhaps she has a point?
  7. Listened to Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, PJ Harvey's Rid of Me, and NPR.
  8. Watched the Jane Pauley Show.
  9. Thought about how I'm not prepping for the classes that I hate, which kind of makes them suck and then increases my hatred of them.
  10. Thought about whether I'm unhappy here or whether I'm just bored. Are these the same thing?
  11. Wrote briefly in journal, though it was pathetic because I hadn't written in two weeks and I felt like nothing had happened in the interim so it annoyed me.
  12. Oh, and I did sleep, as well, for approximately 8 hours (!) last night.

Dr. Crazy is a dynamo!

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