Friday, October 29, 2004


First Post for Today

First, my apologies for not having written in two days. Honestly, I've had nothing to say. Life is humdrum. Well, except for the Fucking Boston Red Sox World Championship! But I don't know how to express myself articulately about that, and thus, I've remained silent.

Item #1 I have to teach in 35 minutes. In that time, I have to grade 45 journals, which I've had sitting in my office for two weeks. I kept thinking that I would actually read them rather than just checking shit off. I am an asshole.

Item #2 Stupid Freud has not disappeared (although I had thought he finally had done so). He called me on Wednesday night during fucking baseball wanting me to go over to his place. No, I'm not kidding. He was wigging out about his dissertation/his intellect/finishing grad school/finding a job (academic or industry? academic or industry? why is all of this so hard, Oh Wise Crazy? it went something like that) and he begged me to come over because, and I am quoting here, "I need comfort." Yes. He said that he needed comfort. From me. And I haven't talked to him in like 2 weeks. I don't think I've ever said that out loud to another person (perhaps a mark of my commitmentphobia and fear of intimacy?). So anyway, I said no, and then Stella called from Boston and I didn't even bother to click over to tell Freud I would call him back, and then he called me again, and I said I'd have to call him back because I had more important people to talk to (yes, I said that, or some version of it) and he made me "promise" to call him back. I think he might be on drugs. I also might see him tonight, if he calls, which I told him to do. Because I'm a freak in need of some sort of distraction, even if it is from somebody as clearly bonkers as this yahoo.

Item #3 Why have I put off these journals until right now?

Item #4 What am I going to do in class in 29 minutes (because I haven't figured that out either).

Christ. I should not be blogging. More this afternoon.

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