Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Crazy Workaholism

Woe is Dr. Crazy who has been working like a machine (when not talking on the phone to Stella) since Monday. Taking care of business does give me a high of sorts, but it makes for bad blogging. I still fully intend to post about the identity stuff and about the "period of self-discovery" but tonight I am going to drink wine and watch the debate. I'll have to consider, while drinking said wine, the issue of alcoholism in the academy.

I feel sort of lame for not having more to report re: Freud - it's just that Sunday was so fun and generally uneventful. We did talk a bit about past relationships, which is only funny because I told him the story of how I'm one of the few people in the history of the world to achieve (and fairly effortlessly) "the roommate switch" (ala Seinfeld). He looked horrified, but intrigued. A common response I seem to elicit in him. Dunno. He's off to Fancy State University to do dissertation-related things Wednesday-Saturday, so I can hold off on further rumination about him until later in the week, as there will be nothing to report (unless I talk to him tonight, which I theoretically could).

Anyway, though, I am fairly certain that I am Freud's Not Dissertation (he's been working for the past couple of weeks as well, during the silence) and that he is my Not Work. Not an entirely bad set-up. If only he were.... less of a dumbass.

Ok, this is a dumb post so I shall go. I may need to just read blogs all afternoon (instead of grading - I've got something like 120 papers in need of grading.... all of which have come in since last Friday) in order to catch up with everyone.... I'm being a bad blogger. So pathetic to feel guilty about not blogging/blog-reading just like I feel guilty about not grading/prepping.

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