Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Weigh in on an Important Question

Should I get a kitten? A professor in another dept. has some to give away, and I've been considering getting one for a while.

  1. It's a kitten.
  2. It will provide companionship and affection that doesn't include stupid boys.
  3. Play-time with kitten seems a more valuable pursuit than my usual pursuits that are not work.
  4. Ok, so honestly, it's a kitten. Kittens are awesome.
  5. It will become a cat.


  1. Must be responsible for another life.
  2. Will make traveling more complicated, as will have to make sure cat is cared for.
  3. Freud was trying to convince me to get a cat this weekend because he thinks I "need" one as clearly I am a "cat person" when I am with his stupid cat, whom I will call.... Apollo.
  4. Cannot live in squalor when get busy, as will need to have happy and clean environment for kitty.
  5. Kitty could be very mischievous and do bad things, making me not like Kitty.

Please, weigh in. (I should mention that when I saw the pictures of the kittens, I felt like I might die from my desire to own one. But I felt this way when I was 8 and convinced my parents to let me get a cat, and I think I was very irresponsible once I owned said cat and my mom ended up doing all of the work related to her.)

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