Thursday, September 09, 2004


Too Much Caffeine, Vaguely Jittery

Or, if it's not the caffeine, it's the low-level anxiety about all of the things I need to do that apparently I don't do even though it makes me anxious. Basically, I went home last night and did absolutely nothing, other than think about potential cat names. I'm leaning more toward a girl kitten at the moment, but who knows what I'll end up bringing home. I've made my list of kitten accessories I'll need for my new roommate, and I'm going to go shopping for them tomorrow afternoon. I have a feeling that this kitten will be living in more luxury than most people. I may be (in my heart of hearts) a Crazy Cat Lady.

In other news, I was feeling kind of irritated last night that I hadn't heard from Stupid Freud. I know, if I was irritated that I hadn't talked to him, why not just call him? Well, because it wasn't so much that I wanted to talk to him but rather that I wanted him to have called. How lame is that? So anyway, I fell into bed at 10:30 completely exhausted and at 11:35 I was awakened by the sound of the phone ringing. You guessed it: Freud. I didn't answer the phone (though I did wake up enough to look at the Caller ID). Freud left no message. I fell back asleep pretty much immediately, feeling oddly pleased for the following reasons:
  1. I had the good sense not to answer the phone when I was dead tired and basically still asleep. (In fact, I was so close to being asleep that I had to check the caller ID again this morning to make sure I didn't dream the call.)
  2. He called me even though it became clear to me last weekend that he's irritated by the fact that he's "always" the one who calls/comes over/etc. (Now, this perception on his part isn't exactly true, but as he believes in it, I'm sure it was annoying to him that I didn't call him since Saturday.)

I'm thinking that since he didn't leave a message I should not call him back, but then I think that since he knows I have Caller ID he might be expecting a call back. Gah! Who cares? Well, I guess that's everything that's going on with me. Time to get some work done (sigh).

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