Thursday, September 23, 2004


Things I Could Blog about at Length

But which I won't blog about at length because I am exhausted and very cranky.

Item #1:
Apparently, "strategic planning" includes neither strategy nor any expectation that concrete plans will result.

Item #2:
Individual conferences with students, while pedagogically valuable, make me want to kill myself.

Item #3:
I think that I've mentally broken up with Freud, but we'll see if the mental breakup will survive the weekend. (This breakup is mental (in all senses of the word) because I haven't actually spoken to him. Oh, and because we're not actually going out.)

Item #4:
It's not entirely impossible (nice turn of phrase, that - no?) that I will, at some point in the coming months, see Rocket Scientist, who emailed me back to confirm that his drunken invitation to visit still stands in the sober light of day (?!?!?!). I hardly know what to make of this, especially since we have talked on the phone a total of ONE time and we've only actually seen each other TWO times - EVER.

Item #5:
I hate people. No, really.

Well, folks, that's all for today because my brain has officially turned to jello. I pity my poor students, who will have to suffer from 2+ hours of my jello-brain in less than an hour. Maybe I should have them do group work?

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