Thursday, September 02, 2004



That's right, I'm Takin' Care of Business. I've finally accepted that my manuscript of my diss. is good enough to send off to Real Publisher for review and so I'm printing it out to take to the post office tomorrow morning. (I had wanted to mail it off this afternoon, but there just isn't time since I teach in a couple of hours and I need to decide what I'm doing with them.) I've begun work on my reappointment notebook junk (annoying, but I should be able to use some of the crap I'm writing in my job letter), and I'm getting some organizational stuff done for my classes (stuff that should have been done last week but which I did not do). Anyway, the semester is happily underway and I'm back to being a professorial machine. I do wish that one of my summer romances (if you can call them that) would have developed into a nice, steady Mr. Right Now, but since that is not the case, I'll have to make do with the pleasures of work.

This weekend I've got to revise an article to submit and get the reappointment stuff very close to done. I've also got to put essays on reserve for one of my classes, and come up with the list of things that I'm going to put on reserve for the class that I teach today. I had hoped to get this reserve stuff done before the semester started - I'm not sure why that didn't happen, but I think I blame Freud. I'm hoping that I come upon some imaginary distraction in the midst of all of this work - otherwise the blog promises to become very boring indeed. I know, all of this responsible productivity is not what you've come to expect from Dr. Crazy. This is what I get for starting a blog in the summertime, when I'm much more of an idiot than I am for the other nine months of the year.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, if overwhelmed. Maybe this is how it's supposed to feel at the start of the semester? Oh, god, and I also need to get going on job search materials. Sigh.

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