Tuesday, September 07, 2004



I'm sure this should have occurred to me before now, but what if Freud happened upon the Chronicles and recognized himself? Or, even worse, what if one of his friends came upon the Chronicles and recognized Freud because Freud told the friend details of our dealings that are noted in the blog? I mean, the pseudonymity of this blog is only a very, very thin veil over the real players. If you know them, the whole house of cards comes crashing down. Hmmm. I wonder why this is the first time I've worried about this. And I wonder if it will make me self-censor? Or maybe I should just tell him about the blog. It's not like I've got a thing in the world to hide about it - I may be mean about him sometimes, but no meaner than I am to him in person, quite honestly, and I'm not lying or anything. Hmmm. Must consider this, along with the cat question. (Perhaps should get the cat just in case Freud finds out about the blog and refuses ever to speak to me again?)

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