Thursday, August 05, 2004


On Not Being Boy-Crazy

Well, as my lack of posting indicates, I believe that being boy-crazy (Dr. Boy-Crazy?) constitutes an essential motivating force for this blog. Since last I wrote, I have, in my effort not to think about boys, spent time thinking about all of the work that I've got to do within the next month but not actually doing said work. This led to a pathetic 12-hour period of depressed inertia yesterday, during which I periodically asked myself, "Why am I such a loser? How did this happen? Why can't I accomplish even the simplest tasks?" Each of these questions were answered with the consumption of a variety of unhealthy food items, the choice of which was inspired by pms and despair.

It occurs to me now that I need to use boy-craziness as an inspiration for work-craziness - as a kind of carrot at the end of the work-craziness to reward myself. Thus, here is my plan for today:

1. Begin thinking in earnest about one syllabus (related to a meeting I attended this morning).
2. Begin writing my second chapter instead of just moping around not writing it.
3. Take a little nap.
4. Call up Freud, who has not called me, demonstrating a minimal level of interest in his company.

#5 will be one of the following:

Option A. Freud has no interest in my company, and so I will spend the evening giving myself a manicure and pedicure and writing.

Option B. Freud has interest in my company, and so I will see him (naked).

Both options A and B will include the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

I sincerely apologize for my recent lameness, and I promise to do my best to produce more interesting material for tomorrow during the next 24 hours.

"Why am I such a loser? How did this happen? Why can't I accomplish even the simplest tasks?"

I hear you, I hear you, I hear you: I'm such a loser, too!. D'ya think maybe it has something to do with being August?

Speaking of Freud in all three senses, just remember: "Wo es ist, soll ich werden." So rich in possible interpretations, so apt for the moment, and it makes a good mantra too!

And I thought I was the major loser! It's the August frame of mind -- we realize how much there is to do and how little time, which sends us diving for alcohol and comfort foods.
Obviously I approve of boy-craziness as a reward for work. I mean, not working b/c of boy-craziness is way better than not working b/c of depressed inertia, and no one ever finished up a task quickly in order to indulge one's depressed inertia.

I like that someone else considers "begin thinking" a valid work-related task, for which one deserves credit.
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