Thursday, August 19, 2004


Grrr.... Lost Entry

Ok, so the computers have been acting crazy all day here, and I had just finished this fantastic entry regarding the many things I accomplished today, my plans for the evening, some deliberation about whether my lack of kindness to Freud/Dr. E. is unethical, and finally, some deliberation about shaving one's crotch bare. It was awesome. And, sadly, it is lost in the ether, and I just can't get it up to rewrite it. So, I guess what I'm saying, in short, is the following:

  1. I got a lot of shit done today.
  2. My plans for the evening are either a. to take medicine and read, going to bed at a reasonable time; b. to get a bottle of wine (they did prescribe wine for the ague, you know) and potentially call Freud and see if he wants to hang out.
  3. Being unkind about a person in a blog, while not nice, is not unethical if one is not outing the person publicly. Kindness and ethics (I don't think) do not exist in one-to-one relationship.
  4. I think the bare beaver is creepy, even if everybody in America seems to find it erotic. I don't want to look like a cross between woman-me and pre-pubescent me, nor do I want to have to deal with shaving any more of my body hair off. However, if my pubic hair starts to turn gray I think I would shave it off, because I don't want to have an old-lady bush. (Yes, I have given this far too much thought.)

So yes. These are my thoughts in a nutshell. Time for lunch and a nap and then maybe some work and/or errands. Until tomorrow!

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