Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Day Two of the Semester

Well, I must teach in about an hour, and I need to look over my notes (because I was the wisest new asst. prof. in the world last year and actually typed them up so I had no prep to do for today's lecture) and come up with one last paper topic (because I am totally ahead of the game and will be handing out their first paper topics with the syllabus) but instead, as you see, I am blogging. I'm actually really excited to be back in the classroom. I like having someplace to be every day. I like seeing people every day and talking to them about things I'm interested in. I like that I get to decide what's important for my students to learn and read. (I often joke that I'll never be in a book club because my classes are Dr. Crazy's book club and I get to pick all of the books.)

Ok, a crazy interruption! I just got an email from a publisher regarding them being interested in publishing my dissertation as a book! And this is a real publisher, and not one of those "pay us some money and we'll give you a book" ones. I am about to lose my mind! How can I possibly introduce a stupid survey course when I'm in this state of mind? How? How can I do anything but shriek like a banshee and dance around my office?

So. That's the latest. Oh, and I called Freud last night but his phone was off and I left a voicemail, and he didn't call me back. I was convinced for a moment that he was out banging some girl who's not me, but then I thought he might have just not wanted to call me back because I said I was going to bed in an hour. I suspect I will call him tonight and tell him this huge piece of career news and maybe - just maybe - I can convince him to celebrate with me. Also, I really do need to tell him about this since I will never see him again if this thing really does come to pass because I will be (figuratively) having a relationship with my manuscript and won't have time for boys.

Woohoo! Yippee! And my apologies for being a braggy freak - I just can't believe that this has happened to me!

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