Monday, August 16, 2004


Big Birthday Weekend Recap

First, thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes! The good vibes made their way to me and I had a fantastic weekend of celebrating. Only one other birthday in my adult life beats this one for sheer joyousness (my 25th), and this one comes in a close second. To sum up:

My friend Jezebel arrived around 6. The short version of our evening is that 1) we began drinking wine on my balcony at 7, thinking we'd just have a glass or two while deciding about going out; 2) we never went out, but rather got hammered on wine and both crashed by midnight; 3) our "entertainment" for the evening was to somehow convince the colleague-with-whom-I-had-sex-earlier-in-the-summer (for future reference, I'll call him Dr. Earnest) and Freud to come over and watch us be drunk.

Additionally, Stella called in to participate in our wine-addled madness - Jezebel kept saying that we were having a teleconference. Topics discussed (and remember, this is in front of Dr. E., my colleague) included effective methods of shaving one's crotch bare, politics, the relative merits of Linda Ronstadt songs (this included singing, as well), and Jez and Stella's various relationship problems. In fact, at one point Stella demanded that Dr. E. give her advice re: the asshole in her life. It was a three-ring circus.

Then, to add to the madness, along comes Freud. The meeting of these two men was... not as horrible as it might have been. Neither knows that I have had relations with the other, but Dr. E., I suspect, might suspect something. This isn't a huge deal, as we're just friends currently, but his reaction to Freud was... interesting and not altogether positive from what I could tell. Jezebel, having met both, weighed in on the situation thusly: "Dr. E's the one for you, but Stupid Freud is hot. If only Stupid Freud wouldn't talk. But yeah, have your fun with Stupid Freud but Dr. E's the one for you."

Jez and I went to the pool during the day, and Glover arrived around 3pm. Everybody got showered and we went out to dinner, and then Naomi and her husband-from-whom-she-is-separated (Harold) came over to my place to pick us up and drive us around for the night. As we were about to leave, Stupid Freud calls to see what we're up to. He also wanted to apologize for being "a jerk" the night before. This was interesting, as I didn't notice any jerkiness, nor did Jez. I think he might be crazy. Also, I think he might be crazy because he's not really my friend and yet he was attempting to get in on every single part of my Big Birthday Weekend. Anyway, I told him I'd call him when I knew where we were.

We went out, drinks were had, dancing was done, and then it was about 12:20. This is when I decided to call Freud. I'm an asshole. So I call him, but I hate talking on phones in bars, so I kept giving the phone to my friends to direct him to where we were. It was ridiculous. At this point in the evening I also started getting slightly belligerent, telling everyone "I'm the birthday girl and what I say goes." I also, like an insane person, was talking very loudly to Jezebel - with Freud right behind me, apparently - about how I think there's something wrong with Freud for calling me all the time, and when she tried to stop me I said, even louder, "I don't care if he hears me. The meaner I am to him the more he likes me." So, the bars close, everybody goes back to my house to drink more (unbelievably) and the night is over.

I find out the next day that Glover did not like Freud at all, and that he thinks he's a weirdo because whenever Glover would put his arm around me or be in any way affectionate Freud would give him the evil eye. Jez's verdict remained focused on his hotness, but she also agreed that he's kind of a weirdo. In discussing it with Stella yesterday afternoon, she said only one of two things are possible: 1) he's terribly lonely or 2) he's in love with me.

Well, as you might imagine, I was hung over all day. I watched the movie About Last Night, I took a lovely nap while watching Newlyweds, and I ate as many carbohydrates as possible to counteract my acidic stomach. Then, around 5 I showered and I went out to dinner with colleague-friends at 7. Dr. Earnest was there, and I think that there is some suspicion amongst those whom we hang out with with some regularity that there is something going on between us. The interesting thing about this is that nothing is going on at the moment except for simple friendship. I do think that we are better friends for having had our little affair at the beginning of the summer - much less reserved with one another (hee!) - but I don't know. I'm thinking a lot about how things are left with him, and I wonder whether the book is closed on non-platonic dealings between us. I really do like and respect him. And he is the perfect height. Hmmm.

So that's the story, folks. And this morning I had to be at my faculty retreat at 8-fucking-30 in the morning. I hate school (a), phrases like "academic citizenship" and "civic literacy" (b), and the fact that I have so many things I had meant to do this summer but did not accomplish. At least, though, I did manage to finish two of my three syllabi last week and to ask the office to do the copying and collating for me and they are done! The only syllabus that isn't done is for a graduate seminar that only has six people in it, and so I will easily be able to do that one myself. Yay me for doing things ahead of time!

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