Friday, July 30, 2004


The Shame of Feeling Desire for Tucker Carlson

I have developed a crush on the dork from Crossfire. I don't know how it happened, what with his bowtie and his fucked up ideas, but yes. I find him hot. Is it because he's an asshole? Is it because I disagree with him at a very basic level about many things but I still think he's smart and funny? But how can I overlook his hair (which is on its way to having the Trump style, if last night was any indication)?

Yeah, so I've not called colleague-from-earlier-in-the-summer, as it would have interfered with my attention to my imaginary boyfriend from Crossfire.* Instead, I have been mooning over CNN and reading The Devil Wears Prada (awesome). Perhaps, though, now that the convention is over I should call colleague-from-earlier-in-the-summer? I am feeling lonesome, especially since the likelihood of the Dork from Crossfire showing up naked in my bed is very, very small indeed.

*An important note, however, is that I could be imaginarily mentally cheating on the Dork from Crossfire with the Dork from MTV News, Gideon Yago (whom I would bang in a second).

This isn't really worth its own post, so I'll just post it as a comment. Guess who just wandered by my office for a chat? You guessed it - colleague-from-earlier-in-the-summer. I've got to come up with a name for him.... hmmm.... Comrade. Yes, that's what I shall call him, in a gesture toward his "radicalism." So yeah, Comrade came on by and I told him he should call me, and he said we should go to a movie. The question is, will this end in sex, in spite of the fact that we've agreed that we will not have sex anymore? Perhaps the insight for the weekend should really be that I'm COMPLETELY insane, as I KNOW the smart thing to do is NOT to start anything back up with this guy. I am NOT a smart person.
Speaking of crushes....I think I have a crush on you, Dr. Crazy!

--A fan
Yes, I predict it will end in sex. If it hasn't already. (I didn't see your postscript until after the weekend.) Because if I were you, I would probably end up sleeping with him again. Because I, too, have been known to do shit like that.

I'm sure that's totally reassuring.
What is the harm of sleeping with him again? If you have a no-more-sex agreement it just means that when you do it now it means nothing beyond the moment, pure physicality, and you never discuss it again. That can be nice and neat.

BTW, my weakness is Anderson CooperYum!
Profgrrrl: Anderson Cooper is actually hot, though. The Crossfire Dork... is.... dorky. I think I might have to imaginarily break up with him because, really, I know I can do better (hehe).
The last comment was actually mine, dunno why it ended up posting anonymously.
Oh, Dr. Crazy ...
we all have our guilty pleasures. Although Trump-styled hair is a bit troublesome. ;-)
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